Annie, 19, Environments student in Melbourne, Australia. Multi-fandom blog; Doctor Who (Whouffle, Doctor/Rose especially), Sherlock, Fresh Meat, Bad Education, and all sorts of other things (occasionally politics or feminism). I love you all xxx
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Name: Annie
Age: 20
Gender: Female


Food:  Anything vegetarian or containing cheese though I’m not a vegetarian; chocolate
Drink: Coffee; gin and tonic; Milo
Book: "Jane Eyre"
Author: Tie between good old JK, Eoin Colfer and George R.R. Martin
Song: Jubilee Street by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; Video Games by Lana Del Rey; Rifles by the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Movie: Bridget Jones’s Diary
TV Show: Misfits, Doctor Who, Teachers, and so many others
Band: Arctic Monkeys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Ball Park Music, Architecture in Helsinki, The Kooks, Franz Ferdinand
Solo Artist: Lana del Rey, Lorde, Adele
Place: Ballarat, Australia
School Subject: History, English
Sport: I don’t know, I don’t play sports
Male Actor: Peter Capaldi
Female Actor: Emma Stone


Best Friend: No one best friend, but a few very close friends
Significant Other: Almost have one, we’re going on our first proper date in two weeks :)
Siblings: Three younger, one older (deceased)
Dream Job:  Archaeology!!!
Tattoos: Nah, but I want a small one 
Piercings: Just my ears
Languages: English, wish I spoke more than one language


Reason Behind URL: Clara Oswald <3
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# of Posts: 
No idea, I don’t post much though
Why You Joined: 
 I was obsessed with Clara/Souffez and wanted to see more of it
First URL: Can’t remember
# of Blogs: 
Just this one
Hoarded URLs:  None, I don’t hoard URLs