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Day 2: Favourite companion

I really love Clara, so it was hard to choose between these two. But in the end, Rose won - because she was my first companion, and the one I’ve loved for the longest, and because she’s still the one I relate to the most. 

I love Rose for many reasons. Yes, she has her flaws (she gets jealous, she leads Mickey on, and she can tend to have a bit of an I’m-so-special complex sometimes). But she’s also incredible for so many reasons.

She’s the most relatable companion: late teens, not rich, not a genius, just a genuinely ordinary girl. You can see yourself in Rose’s shoes. But she goes on to blossom into this wonderful, resourceful and compassionate woman. She becomes the Bad Wolf by forcing the TARDIS open with a yellow truck. She picks up on the critical things the Doctor misses, ordinary mundane things that he wouldn’t care about but matter so much. She keeps her head when others fall apart and uses whatever she’s got to do her bit. She never gives up, she always fights, and she refuses to be a victim. She’s got a sense of humour and she’s incredibly brave. And at the same time she can be vulnerable, insecure and emotional - just like an ordinary human girl.

She brings the Doctor out of a very dark place and into the light. She saves him and the universe and she brings joy and love even in the darkest of situations. She’s a BAMF and she has the most perfect relationship with the Doctor ever

So yeah, I love Rose Tyler. She was an incredible companion in every way.

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